We commit to provide a professional service to our customers and travel agents ensuring they benefit from our experience


• To provide the customer packages to suit the requirement of the customer.
• Services and expertise officers 24hours of the day.
• 24hours health care to all customers.
• Travel assistance to local and international business with direct access to instant flights and hotels.
• Direct access to visas to all countries, issuing of ticket, insurance and special attention to passengers who need medical attention and travelers with traveler’s cheques.
• Direct connection with any of our branches Gampaha, Colombo10 and Pannipitiya.


Our co-operate travel specialists with the wealth of experience can help us with all our needs. They are all dedicated to work co-operatively to develop our journey, to the highest position and standard.

Our Extended Service

We always strive hard to bring and provide better and new services to the customer helping to expand his experiences with new destinations.
We will take care of every one of you to the best our ability providing every comfort and safety helping and directing to where to go, where to stay, what to see, where to shop etc.


We undertake cruises too. We provide our customers with excursions even on luxury liners too. Guests are able to enjoy exciting activities they have never experienced in life, share fun and entertainment, on the never ending, beautiful ocean.

What are the Reasons for You to Elect us?

•Our prices are so fair affordable to any customer.
•We have made every one of our customers happy and contented with our services.
•We are very flexible and can be adaptable to any situation.
•Because we have been so unassuming and friendly.
•We always try our best to ensure you with an unforgettable experience, for all your life, by taking you to the unseen, and unheard-of places.



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